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IU law student works towards career in law and sports

Sept. 7, 2016

Third-year Maurer School of Law student Cam Joe has loved sports his whole life. Growing up playing football in Charlotte, N.C., he knew he wanted his future career to connect with sports.

cameron joe

Looking back on his education and internship experiences, Cam Joe said taking chances is hugely important. | PHOTO COURTESY OF CAMERON JOE

His first big break came while he was still an undergraduate student at North Carolina’s Davidson College. Through a simple Google search for summer internships, he found his first position with NASCAR in the summer of 2013 where he served as a human resources intern.

While Joe said he wouldn’t describe himself as a dedicated NASCAR fan, he respects and appreciates the sport. He said one doesn’t need to be a diehard fan to find a job with a certain sport or team.

In addition, his first internship highlighted the value of networking. By keeping in touch with connections he’d made in NASCAR’s legal department, he learned about NASCAR’s Diversity Internship Program.

This summer, Joe returned to NASCAR for a second internship, this time as part of the auto racing organization’s legal department.

Joe said he was able to gain hands-on experience doing in a variety of in-house legal work. From helping draft and review corporate contracts to researching a variety of issues as they came up, Joe said he learned a lot from his work during the 10-week internship.

To Joe, sports are much more than just entertainment; they’re a community affair.

“I believe sports have the ability to cross all cultures,” he said. “Any job where I continue to work with sports content from a legal perspective would be great.”

Joe is headed to Barcelona, Spain, this fall to finish his final year of law school. There, he said he’ll study such things as international contract drafting, international business and dispute resolution.

He said he’s grateful for the opportunity to enhance his American coursework with European coursework, expanding his understanding and reach.

As a lawyer, Joe said, being able to handle international matters and work on a global level will make him an attractive candidate, especially in the sports world.

Looking back on his education and internship experiences, Joe said taking chances is hugely important.

He didn’t know much about IU before deciding to attend law school here, but said he’s had a wonderful experience. Similarly, taking the chance with both NASCAR internships allowed Joe to both work in his career field and realize his passion.

He encouraged other students to do the same by just applying for things that interest them. “It was all kind of great to get that kind of different experience,” he said.

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