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  • Better health, better life

    Two staff members changed their lives through IU's Diabetes Prevention Program, underwritten by Healthy IU.

  • Next generation of leaders

    IU's Civic Leaders Center brings faculty, community leaders and students together in the name of civic engagement.

  • Court calling

    Two faculty members enjoy the friendly competition of pickup basketball in Campus Recreational Sports facilities.

  • IUBPC grants due April 1

    Read about one staff member's experience using a professional development grant to re-energize her career.

  • Holiday sexpectations

    Kinsey researchers are turning Valentine's Day into a laboratory by surveying users about sexual behavior.

  • Will Shortz

    The world-famous puzzlemaker and IU alumnus talks about his puzzle collection and passion for table tennis.

  • Playground design

    A colorful tire ball created for an IU course was donated to a local school. The class also designs for developing countries.

  • Justin Miller

    Miller traveled to the bottom of the Earth for Operation IceBridge, a NASA research initiative.

  • Cathy Fox

    From Jimmy Carter cookies to a Kennedy wedding cake, the Sugar & Spice baker shares memories from her 37 years at IU.

  • Philip Smith

    An IMU employee for 20 years, Smith helped accept an ARC of Indiana award last week.

  • Angelo Pizzo

    The IU alum returned to his hometown of Bloomington shoot a commercial series featuring an actor playing a young Mark Cuban.

  • Kaitlyn Yoder

    "You can experience 20 different cultures in one night," said the master's student, who is helping plan IU's upcoming World's Fare.

  • Ben Motz

    The faculty member shares his current projects: fantasy football class, commentator for "NFL 2020" and palm sweat measuring devices.

  • Lillian Casillas-Origel

    "When I came to IU, I fit, because everyone here was from somewhere else," said the La Casa director, who reflects on her nearly 30 years at IU.

  • Larry Davidson

    A knee issue sidelined the Kelley professor emeritus, who played college football. Rec Sports gave him a new workout challenge.

  • Eric Deggans

    The IU alumnus recently accepted a position as NPR's first TV critic.

  • Jesse Lee Kercheval

    Enter to win an IU Press novel, "My Life as a Silent Movie," a story about family, identity and silent films set in Paris.

  • Jeffrey Huber

    The former IU and Olympic diving coach has joined the Psychology and Brain Sciences faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences.

  • Christoph Irmscher

    The provost professor of English has been named director of the Wells Scholars Program.

  • Yea-Fen Chen

    Meet the new director of IU's Chinese Flagship Program.