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The Merritt triplets settle in to life at IU

Sept. 21, 2016

Besides sharing a birthday, Emily, Becca and Jake Merritt have a relationship much like your average siblings: They have the occasional argument, enjoy vastly different interests and tell embarrassing childhood stories about each other. 

Merritt triplets

Triplets, from left, Becca, Jake and Emily Merritt are freshmen at IU. | PHOTO COURTESY OF THE MERRITT FAMILY

The triplets, hailing from Lebanon, Ind., searched independently for a college where they would be able to live out their idea of the perfect college experience. But, ultimately, they all decided on IU.  

“Contrary to what it may seem, we aren’t all here because we wanted to stay together,” Emily Merritt said. “But it’s nice that it worked out that way." 

Emily chose IU because she knew it was the best college in Indiana to prepare her for medical school. Becca, who is undergoing Crossfit training, decided on IU after hearing about the athletic training program the university offers. Business-minded Jake, who was the first to commit to IU, was drawn here because of the Kelley School of Business.

Now they are thankful they all decided on IU. Just like every other freshman who arrived in Bloomington in August, they are finding their place on campus and adjusting to being away from home, but they have a built-in support system.

“When we first got here, we weren’t alone like everyone else,” Becca said. “We had each other.”

The move was a big one for the Merritt siblings, who have lived in the same house since birth. For Becca and Emily, who live together in Forest, the decision to be roommates seemed natural. Jake lives across campus in McNutt and is happy with his choice to have a random roommate. However, their different schedules and varied academic courses keep them leading pretty separate lives here at IU.

Merritt triplets

Triplets, from left, Becca, Jake and Emily Merritt are freshmen at IU. | PHOTO COURTESY OF THE MERRITT FAMILY

The Merritt siblings aren’t the only ones in their family who are happy they all settled on IU.

Emily, Becca and Jake grew up hearing stories from their grandma about their “Uncle Bob,” Robert Lollar, who played basketball for all four years he attended IU, during Branch McCracken’s reign. His photo is among those displayed in Cook Hall, and their grandma hopes they will have a chance to take a closer look at their uncle’s IU legacy while they are cheering on the Hoosiers this season.

While they are studying in different areas at IU, they all have one common goal: to use their time here to find their passions.

“I hope to be able to find what I actually want to do with my life,” Jake said. “I have a general idea, but I want to discover that more specific idea for my future.”

From interactions with passionate professors to appreciating the diversity of their fellow students, Emily, Becca and Jake say their IU experience is off to a great start.

And, in just one month’s time, they agree that IU already feels like home.

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