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'Sometimes you have to sit to make a stand'

May 29, 2014

During the 2014 spring semester, IU Bloomington's Center of Excellence for Women in Technology selected 10 undergraduate women from a diverse group of majors and disciplines as recipients of an Aspirations in Computing Scholarship. These 10 women were asked to serve as ambassadors for CEWiT and lead outreach efforts to promote involvement in and success with technology for women on campus.

The ambassadors decided to use their techie skills to create a video, titled "Aspirations in Computing," that featured the endless possibilities open to techie women at Indiana University. They highlighted the fact that techie women can be found in a variety of departments on campus, that technological skills lead to rewarding careers and that IU is a leading institution in offering opportunities in technology to its women students.

IU is taking part in The Red Chair campaign, a project that empowers women in the field of technology. "The whole idea is, sometimes you have to sit to make a stand," said Maureen Biggers, director of the Center of Excellence for Women in Technology. "So please sit with me on behalf of women in IT."

"I think it's super-important for women to be involved in technology because women are equal consumers of products and technology," said Elizabeth Stratton, who is studying supply chain management at IU.

The video was a collaborative effort between all ten student ambassadors contributing to its success. Also contributing to the video was CEWiT student alliance member Laura Ivins-Hulley, a Ph.D. student in Communication and Culture, who provided video equipment, coached the student team and provided executive oversight for the project.

CEWiT received support and assistance for this project from IU's Women's Philanthropy Council, members of Women Empowering Success in Technology (WESiT), the B-Town Girl-Bots Girl Scout Troop from Clear Creek Elementary, and numerous women and men on campus who allowed the ambassadors to film them working with their technology.

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