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Faculty & Staff Spotlights

  • David Bish

    Meet the IU geological sciences professor who fixes old jukeboxes as a hobby.

  • Dee Mortensen

    “Every day in publishing is different. That’s what I love about the job,” the IU Press editorial director said.

  • Ron Hites

    The SPEA and chemistry professor was recently honored for his role as a modern grandfather of science.

  • Patrick Fischer

    Read about the curator and lecturer who oversees the university's largest musical instruments.

  • David Haberman

    “India just grabbed me like no other place did,” the religious studies professor said.

  • Saying thank you

    Read about winners of the annual Staff Merit Awards.

  • Bianca Evans

    Meet the new assistant dean for diversity and inclusion in the University Graduate School.

  • Thomas DeCarlo

    The film producer and IU staff member shares details about his new animated short film.

  • Jason Baumgartner

    A software program the IU employee created a decade ago is used by institutions across the country.

  • Rory James

    The School of Public Health's director of student diversity and inclusion says his new job is a "perfect fit."

  • Alisha Jones

    The ethnomusicology professor studies how men express their gender and sexuality through worship.

  • Rebecca Spang

    “A lump of gold is useful, but people weren’t going to eat it or build something with it,” said the IU historian.

  • Anke Birkenmaier

    A strategic plan for collaboration in Cuba is on the new CLACS director's to-do list this year.

  • Vibrant community

    Learn more about IU Bloomington's new "class" of 237 full-time faculty members.

  • Mike Sellers

    The Media School game design professor recently debuted his new board game at Gen Con in Indianapolis.

  • Mike Sellers

    The Media School game design professor will debut his new board game at Gen Con in Indianapolis.

  • Greg Dow

    “No one realizes how physically demanding racing is ... You have to go as hard as you can go," said the IU staffer and amateur motocross racer.

  • E.J. Ernsberger

    The IU Auditorium lighting technician has ridden his motorcycle in 37 states and counting.

  • Steve Peterson

    The women's rowing coach has transformed the sport at IU, creating a highly ranked crew.

  • AAAS fellows

    Three faculty members have been named to one of the nation's most prestigious honorary societies.