Spotlights & Profiles

Faculty & Staff Spotlights

  • Outstanding Junior Faculty

    Five faculty members across campus have nationally recognized research or creative programs.

  • Kevin Whited

    The alumnus is glad to be back in Bloomington as IU's new transportation demand management coordinator.

  • Anne Haines

    Meet the library employee who will go almost anywhere in the U.S. to see her favorite bands perform live.

  • David Landy

    Learning software co-created by the professor recently got a grant from the campus's commercialization center.

  • Alan Dennis

    A new measure of academic output ranks the Kelley professor as the third-most-active within his discipline.

  • David Rhodes

    Teaching martial arts, writing novels and composing music keep this IU public safety official busy after work.

  • Simply extraordinary

    Professor Jiangmei Wu's folding paper art combines math and science to create intricate structural designs.

  • Angus Martin

    Meet the accounting associate whose bagpipes you may have heard resounding from Dunn Meadow.

  • Sylvia Martinez

    Even after teaching at IU for 11 years, opportunities for learning keep knocking.

  • Kirk Lowry

    Get to know the Facility Operations elevator technician who has engineered his own way up.

  • Dean Lueck

    Meet the new director for the Program on Governance of Natural Resources through the Ostrom Workshop.

  • Anya Peterson Royce

    Meet the IU anthropologist who is the first non-Mexican to receive the Medal of the Zapotec People.

  • Raj Acharya

    Learn more about the new dean for IU's School of Informatics and Computing.

  • Jennifer Brinegar

    The IU employee and former Olympic swimmer has been glued to her TV, watching the 2016 Summer Games.

  • Kent McDaniel

    Meet the campus transportation liasion who is hanging up his keys after nearly 40 years of advocacy.

  • Nicholas Belle

    Meet the new director of the First Nations Educational and Cultural Center on campus.

  • Chris Garrison

    The mass storage specialist has made a career out of a childhood fascination with technology.

  • Michelle Facos

    The art history professor creates handmade, sustainable baby items using materials from her travels abroad.

  • Connie Hanson

    For more than 30 years, the advisor has gone above and beyond to help students develop and achieve their goals.

  • Mike Regan

    Meet IU's new women's assistant soccer coach, a professional player from across the pond