Before you renew your parking pass, consider other options

May 29, 2014

On May 31, IU Parking Operations will officially announce the parking permit rates for the 2014-15 academic year.


The Hoosier Commuter Club offers incentives for using alternative forms of transportation such as mass transit, bicycling and carpooling.

Before automatically renewing your A or C permit, though, IU's transportation liaison and demand manager Kent McDaniel urges faculty and staff to consider some different, more cost-effective, modes of transportation.

Hoosier Commuter Club

The Hoosier Commuter Club offers incentives to faculty and staff who agree to give up their A and C parking permits and forgo purchasing another in favor of using alternate forms of transportation such as mass transit, bicycling and carpooling for a major portion of their daily commuting. A new website on this program will be live after 5 p.m. May 30.

Participation in this program reduces the number of miles a member normally drives each month, lowering monthly fuel costs while reducing congestion on the streets and reducing air pollution. 

To join the club, members must register online, turn in current parking permits and be willing to renew the pledge quarterly, as well as completing a brief, anonymous survey about travel patterns. 

Benefits include:

  • Prize drawings for all active members, including $250 gift cards. 
  • Free rides on any Bloomington Transit bus or Campus Bus
  • Monthly $50 subsidy for all vanpool members of Commuter Connect
  • Emergency Ride Home service
  • Ten free, one-day parking permits for all carpool and vanpool members per year
  • Eligibility to purchase up to four reduced-price ($4 each) one-day permits each quarter
  • Ride-matching services provided by Zimride and by Commuter Connect
  • Catered lunch for departments and academic units that register a designated percentage of employees in the club
  • Individual member gifts, periodically.

Economy employee permit program

Through the new economy employee permit program, full-time faculty and staff can pay $24 a year to park in the Athletics Department lots north of 17th Street and take the campus bus -- for free -- on the Express Route and the A Route. Note: An employee who purchases the economy employee permit cannot also purchase an A or C permit. The economy employee permit is only good north of 17th Street, even after 5 p.m. and on weekends.

Two-person carpools

And this academic year, IU Parking Operations has modified its definition of “carpool” from three or more people to include two-person carpools of full-time, benefits-eligible employees who split an A pass. 

  • Carpool is made up of two full-time, benefits-eligible employees
  • One discounted A permit of $157.92 will be shared by the members of the carpool
  • 10 free one-day permits per year
  • Guaranteed ride home feature

Carpools or three or more people include all of the features of a two-person carpool plus a reserved carpool space.

"The only difference between the two- and three-or-more-person carpool, besides the fact that you split the cost among more people, is the fact that in the three-or-more carpool, you get a reserved space," McDaniel said. "The two-person carpool permit is the equivalent of an ordinary A permit."

For more information, call Parking Operations at 855-9848.

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