Winner: first Inside IU Bloomington squirrel caption contest

Jan. 16, 2014

We're just nuts about squirrels here at Inside IU Bloomington -- and so are our readers. 

Squirrel photo

Marjorie Young came up with the winning caption for Inside IU Bloomington's first squirrel caption contest: "Bro! From me to you -- straight from the heart -- I love you, man."

Our first "Squirrels of IU" photo gallery, which ran on Oct. 24, was so popular that we ran a second, winter edition Dec. 19, along with a caption contest.

The photo, taken by sophomore Alex Kimbrell, our social media intern, features a pensive-looking squirrel gazing into the distance, hand on his heart.

The photo inspired several "pledge allegiance" entries: Nancy Clensy submitted "I pledge allegiance to the flag of Indiana University ... Oops, I mean 'America,'" and Alisa Wood entered "I pledge allegiance to this tree at Indiana University, and to this branch on which I stand, one squirrel under the sky, ready to leap but I cannot fly."

Jennifer Krebbs submitted the lyrics to "Indiana, Our Indiana," while Lisa Miller wrote "The forecast calls for more snow? Ah, nuts!"

"To flee or not to flee, that is the question," wrote Hunter Davidson.

Jill Rogers channeled Oliver with this caption: "Please, can I have a little more, sir?" Randy R. Paynter invoked Robert DeNiro with "What? Who, me?" And Louise O'Connor echoed what many of us are thinking at this stage of winter: "My heart's not in it this year ... just bring on spring."

The unanimous favorite, though, was this submission from Marjorie Young, senior administrative assistant at the Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research: "Bro! From me to you -- straight from the heart -- I love you, man." 

"I think the caption came from watching way too many episodes of Saturday Night Live," Young said of the winning caption. "Squirrels are the standup comedians of the natural world. And, of course, they belong to a fraternity!"

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