Weekly Features


  • Open dialogue

    Find out about upcoming and timely IU events examining race relations in America.

  • Knowledge is power

    A Jeopardy-style quiz bowl recently highlighted how African-Americans have contributed to lesser-known fields.

  • Welcoming environment

    Over a half million dollars has been raised in the nation's first university scholarship campaign for LGBT students.

  • All the world's a stage

    An IU team is preparing to compete in the "Olympics" of set design this summer in Prague.

  • Looking ahead

    As we approach the new year, some of our campus colleagues share their strategies for self-improvement.

  • Campus legends

    Get schooled in the spooky characters and haunted buildings that are part of IU Bloomington lore.

  • Sacking recycling

    Volunteers arrive hours before IU football games to encourage fans to recycle their tailgating supplies.

  • A house becomes a home

    Kelley students partnered with Whirlpool for the annual Habitat for Humanity "Blitz Build" at Memorial Stadium.

  • Making connections

    “We, as a black community, can come together, and should.”

  • Checking in, helping out

    IU's Biddle Hotel is recycling toiletry items through a program that distributes them to people living in poverty.