Weekly Features


  • Family Battle Buddies

    Veterans reintegrate into civilian life and connect with their families at Bradford Woods.

  • Justin Ford

    The Kelley lecturer recently reactivated Bloomington United, a local organization devoted to social justice.

  • Behind the scenes

    See how IU faculty and students helped create the university's latest television spot featuring a famous alum.

  • Welcome to campus

    A new incoming "class" of full-time faculty is eager to start the 2016-17 school year.

  • GirlPowered camp

    The Media School inspired girls to join the tech industry through a game development summer camp on campus.

  • Protecting history

    IU alumna Laurie Rush works with the U.S. Army to preserve cultural property.

  • Davina Two Bears

    Meet the doctoral candidate who is celebrating and exploring her Navajo heritage through radio broadcasting.

  • Making a splash

    Take a look at one of IU's newest clubs, described and demonstrated by the students who founded it.

  • Brewing best practices

    An IU freshman is working with a SPEA professor to help breweries become more efficient.

  • Cultural crossroads

    IU's commitment to the arts is both a historical legacy and a contemporary call to action.