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Drone technology offers a new perspective on the IU Bloomington campus

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Feb. 22, 2017

There is no doubt that the IU Bloomington campus is beautiful, and these photos capture the campus’s beauty in a unique way: from a couple hundred feet above ground.

A drone that is able to fly up to 60 mph flies high above campus and snap aerial shots of campus offers a unique perspective. Eric Rudd, the man-on-the-ground operator and the art director and producer for IU Communications, is one of the few people licensed to fly a drone on all IU campuses, but the certification process took him over a year to complete. Rudd uses the drone to take photos of iconic locations on campus for marketing purposes.

The photos offer a unique perspective of the campus locations most of us have only seen a ground view of such as Assembly Hall, the Indiana Memorial Union and the Showalter Fountain. Take a look at the photos Rudd has shot this academic year. 

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