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Grunwald Gallery presents 'Indiana Tattoo: History and Legacy'

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Jan. 25, 2017

The Grunwald Gallery is offering an exhibit that shares the work and lifestyle of tattoo artists from Indiana. 

"Indiana Tattoo: History and Legacy" is an exhibit co-curated by Indiana native and internationally known tattooer Colin McClain and Jeremy Sweet, associate director of the Grunwald Gallery. The exhibit is made up of original “flash” sheets, tattoo machines, videos, photographs, letters, legal rulings and memorabilia from the archives of multiple Indiana collectors as well as a large collection of Bernard Kobel’s tattooed photographs from the Kinsey Institute.

The exhibit also highlights over 30 of Indiana’s most influential contemporary tattooers through artist profiles and contributions to a large flash wall containing over 130 hand-painted original sheets. 

"Indiana Tattoo: History and Legacy" will be available to view until Feb. 3. Hours of operation for the Grunwald Gallery are available online.

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