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'A Call to All': MLK Day of Service

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Jan. 20, 2016

Martin Luther King Jr. Day provided time off from work and classes for many IU students, staff and faculty.

However, the day also included a number of activities celebrating King's legacy, themed "A Call to All," including a leadership breakfast featuring a keynote address by broadcast journalist and philanthropist Soledad O'Brien. Winners of IU's Building Bridges Award were announced during the breakfast.

In addition, the Faculty and Staff for Student Excellence’s mentoring program and advisory board hosted their annual Cover Bloomington Project. The group of student volunteers prepared meals, prepared sleeping quarters, assembled care kits and prepped shelter sites at four different Interfaith Emergency Winter Shelter locations around Bloomington. 

Also, at IU's annual Unity Summit, students and the student organization community discussed isues of diversity, discrimination and advocacy.

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