Weekly Features


  • Jeannine Bell

    On racial segregation

    Racial segregation in U.S. housing contributed to the culture surrounding the Trayvon Martin shooting, argues IU law professor Jeannine Bell in an op-ed.

  • Same-sex marriage

    DOMA decision

    IU experts react to the U.S. Supreme Court ruling on two same-sex marriage cases.

  • Kenya reporting trip

    Reporting from Kenya

    Journalism students travel to Kenya to report on the HIV/AIDS epidemic and engage with local media professionals.

  • School of Global and International Studies

    Spreading the SGIS gospel

    Mark Land blogs about Larry Singell's overseas trip to promote IU's School of Global and International Studies.

  • Victoria Hicks

    Senate Bill 207

    Senate Bill 207 allows in-state tuition for students from immigrant families who were legal state residents as of 2011.

  • Elinor Ostrom

    Women of IU

    Bethany Nolan of IU Communications blogs about the new "Women of Indiana University" art exhibit on display at the IMU.

  • menu labeling receipt calorie count

    Menu labeling

    Aaron E. Carroll of the IU School of Medicine blogs about new research that links listed calories on menus -- PLUS the amount of exercise needed to work it off -- with more meal healthful choices.

  • Negative stereotypes were found to inhibit learning, not just test performance

    The power of positivity

    Tracy James of IU Communications shares a professor's research on "stereotype threat."

  • OMG image

    OMG images

    Francis Collins, director of the NIH, blogs about images taken with IU's "OMG" microscope.

  • The Nature Principle book cover

    'The Nature Principle'

    So nature-deficit disorder is a thing now. Tracy James of IU Communications shares author Richard Louv's theories on reconnecting with the outdoors. Louv speaks at IU on Friday.

  • Scene from Brilliant Minds video

    Brilliant Minds of Bloomington

    Ryan Piurek, of IU Communications, blogs about the Brilliant Minds video series produced for the Office of the Vice Provost for Research.

  • leadership lessons from IU Athletics

    Leadership lessons from IU Athletics

    Bill Brown, director of the IU Office of Sustainability, shares seven March Madness lessons inspired by IU Athletics.

  • Amanda Solliday conducts an interview in Japan

    Honoring survivors

    Journalism student Amanda Solliday blogs about her interviews with survivors of atomic bombs in Japan.

  • Atlantic magazine cover

    Artificial Intelligence & health care

    Steve Chaplin of IU Communications blogs about IU researchers looking into how technology could change health care.

  • air force logo

    Tuskegee Airmen at IU

    Bethany Nolan of IU Communications shares a recap of a campus visit from the Tuskegee Airmen, a Black History Month event.

  • Harlem Shake

    Gangnam what? It's 'Harlem Shake' time

    Hoosiers are embracing Harlem with their interpretations of the "Harlem Shake" dance.

  • green candy

    Love me, love the Earth

    Jessica Plassman from the IU Office of Sustainability shares tips for a green Valentine's Day.

  • Cold Spring Environmental Magnet School third graders

    'This is Indiana'

    IU alumna Kathryn Sullivan made a music video homage to IU with her third-grade class. Her brother, IU alumnus Steven Sullivan, blogs about it.

  • food tray

    Trayless dining

    Tracy James writes about an effort to reduce food waste in campus dining halls.

  • man wearing shorts in snow

    Who wears the pants?

    Jesse Scott Campbell writes about the importance of dressing appropriately for winter weather -- starting with wearing pants.