Weekly Features


  • 'Wake-up call'

    After receiving a free IU health screening, staff member Akash Shah decided to get healthy. He's since lost 60 pounds in about 10 months.

  • The Pennies

    Contemporary classical

    Jacobs doctoral student Jeremy Podgursky received one of just six scholarships from the American Academy of Arts and Letters.

  • Indiana Plan

    The Indiana Plan

    Following recent headlines about Phi Gamma Delta's new house, Dina Kellams explores the history between IU and housing for Greek organizations.

  • woman drinking

    Alcohol & women's brains

    An IU study finds that alcohol-dependent women have trouble switching between networks of the brain, part of a larger effort to understand the differences between men and women with respect to alcohol.

  • Dark Zone

    'Dark Zone'

    His young son's obsession with marine biology inspired IU professor Aaron Travers to co-create a multimedia show on deep sea creatures with colleague Arthur Liou.

  • Kenny Childers

    'A musician's musician'

    The Sky Blue Window blog shares a Q-and-A with singer-songwriter Kenny Childers, a UITS employee.

  • same-sex marriage

    Opposition to HJR-3

    IU's general counsel joined opponents to a proposed amendment that would recognize only marriages between one man and one woman in Indiana.

  • spiderman

    Spider-Man tales

    Marvel will publish a 1,296-page anthology of Spider-Man tales by IU alumnus Roger Stern. The book will go on sale March 2014.

  • Seoul map

    Updates from South Korea

    "We have more than 100 global partners, but we don't have many partnerships as good as ours with Indiana University," said Lee Suke Kyu of Sungkyunkwan University.

  • Freedom Indiana

    Freedom Indiana

    The fight against the constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage continues to grow.

  • Cherub

    Tombstone art

    In honor of Halloween, IU Archives shares a gravestone photograph collection by IU alumna Pauline Montgomery.

  • Yuchi Folklore

    New book

    IU associate professor Jason Baird Jackson is an expert on the Yuchi people.

  • IU Pumpkin

    Halloween in B-town

    Visit Bloomington shares 13 Halloween events happening locally this month.

  • Will Sheehey

    Hoosier Hysteria

    Basketball season is back. Join the fun Friday evening 7:30 p.m. Oct. 4 at Assembly Hall.

  • Photo by James Nakagawa

    'Imag(in)ing Science'

    "Imag(in)ing Science," a science-rooted art by created by artist-researcher teams, is on display through Oct. 11.

  • dance club

    What's wrong with Molly?

    A club drug, "Molly," simulates the effects of Ecstasy -- with sometimes fatal consequences.

  • USS Indiana

    USS Indiana

    IU Communications shares a multimedia piece on the USS Indiana prow's journey to its recent installation at Memorial Stadium.

  • O. Louis Guglielmi. Subway Exit, 1946. Oil on canvas

    'Art Interrupted'

    Bethany Nolan of IU Communications blogs about IU Art Museum's exhibit of 1940s government propaganda works, "Art Interrupted."

  • Africa map

    Cultural connections

    An IU delegation is in Africa visiting alumni, Khanya College and the AMPATH program, among other activities.

  • dodge ball image

    Gym class heroes

    An IU study shows that school gym class doesn't have to be for just jocks anymore, writes Tracy James of IU Communications.