Weekly Features


  • A profound sadness

    An exhibit at the Lilly Library marks the anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s death and the 160th anniversary of the publication of Walt Whitman’s “Leaves of Grass.”

  • Bloomington to Harlem

    Former faculty member Khalil Muhammad, now director of New York's Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, recently visited IU Bloomington.

  • Telling our story

    IU Newsroom's Ryan Piurek writes about his team's newest feature on outstanding women at IU.

  • Take a bow

    IU's MFA program in theater design and technology has been ranked among the best in the country.

  • Breaking barriers

    "Every opportunity that I ever had stems back to him and a handshake," George Taliaferro said of his former rival.

  • Turning point

    IU alum Jennifer Yanco writes about the influence of the new film "Selma" on Martin Luther King Jr.'s legacy.

  • Potluck protocol

    Don't let that office party put a damper on your holiday spirit. Follow these tips for food safety.

  • Safe haven

    Take a look at some of the lives touched by IU's GLBT Student Support Services Office as it celebrates 20 years.

  • Winter is coming

    How prepared are you for cold weather emergencies if you became stuck in your car or at the office?

  • Breaking bad

    For a guy who’s built a career playing sinister types and villains, Jonathan Banks seemed to have no trouble embracing the part of happy homecomer during a visit to IU.

  • A gift that keeps on giving

    Hodge Hall's namesake was recently featured in a New York Times article about donating money to universities.

  • IU in Turkey

    An IU delegation recently wrapped up a trip to Turkey, where they worked to establish partnerships.

  • Asking why

    An IU study has found that working-class children -- taking cues from their parents -- pose fewer questions in the classroom.

  • Upscale upcycle

    Learn how the Kelley School of Business repurposed trees cut down during the construction of its new building.

  • Btown banter

    IU Communications' Ryan Piurek blogs about saying goodbye to summer and welcoming students and their families back to campus.

  • How sweet it is

    IU biologist Irene Newton's research has discovered how honey bee bacteria help break down carbohydrates.

  • 'Run, hide, fight'

    IU Communications' Tracy James blogs about safety procedures aimed at helping employees and students prepare for an active shooter situation.

  • IU in Taiwan

    Provost Lauren Robel recently traveled to Taiwan, where she met with university partners and alumni, and presented a talk on IU's new academic directions.

  • Kinsey art show

    The Kinsey Institute's Juried Art Show opens May 16. View a video for a sneak preview of this year's exhibition.

  • Hammer & Nail 2014

    IU students will showcase original choreography and musical compositions at the annual Hammer & Nail concert.