Weekly Features


  • 'Books and Beyond'

    The IU program connects children in Rwanda and Bloomington through storytelling.

  • Shared history

    President Michael A. McRobbie discusses the Oscars and how films reflect the modern American culture.

  • Happy birthday

    Inside IU intern Bailey Briscoe shares what it's like to be related to Abraham Lincoln.

  • Timely talk

    Students and faculty at IU’s School of Education designed a series on policies and issues affecting youth.

  • Seasonally affected

    Not feeling like yourself? Try these three tips for keeping the winter blues at bay.

  • Innovative cooperation

    IU will hold a symposium for the 25th anniversary of the Nunn-Lugar program, which has reduced nuclear threats.

  • It takes a team

    Director of Emergency Management Ken Long recently made his one-man show a team of four when he filled a few vacancies.

  • A fresh outlook

    Senior Connor McWhinney had an unexpected diagnosis as a high school student that inspired a passion for the IU Dance Marathon.

  • Pushing forward

    Read first-hand accounts from women in technology at IU as they share their experiences, challenges and triumphs.

  • Cubs for Kelley

    The owner of Chicago's historic baseball team was the keynote speaker at Kelley's ninth annual Entrepreneurial Connection Day.

  • Themester 2016

    "A Thing of Beauty" podcast series from the College of Arts and Sciences explores why beauty matters.

  • Conservation Law Clinic

    Learn about the clinic at the Maurer School of Law that's helping to protect Indiana's bat population.

  • 'ScIU: Conversations in Science'

    The blog was created and is maintained by graduate students from across a variety of sciences at IU.

  • Rainworks

    Learn more about the water-activated installation coming to the front steps of the Eskenazi Museum of Art.

  • 'Beneath the Surface'

    Check out the IU Newsroom's latest multimedia project exploring IU's storied swimming and diving program.

  • A plan in place

    Meet Ken Long, the new director of emergency management and continuity for the Bloomington campus.

  • Reducing risk

    Learn how to separate fact from fiction when it comes to tick bites, Lyme disease and how to protect yourself.

  • 'Gratefully yours'

    IU Archives shares a letter from Helen Keller discovered among IU President William Lowe Bryan's correspondence.

  • 'Fast, Loud Things'

    Meet the IU graduate student and instructor who has been named the official poet of this year's Indy 500.

  • Sustainable Scholars

    Learn more about a new research program that pairs undergraduates with faculty mentors.