Editor's Picks


  • Tech-fueled art

    An IU professor's new report finds that technology can fuel exploration of the arts in kids and teens.

  • Robot design challenge

    A team of IU researchers has advanced in a Department of Defense robot design challenge.

  • Online training

    Kelley School and CareerBuilder have formed a strategic partnership to deliver training online.

  • TED demographics

    Academics earn street cred with TED Talks but no points from peers, IU research shows.

  • Darwin Bicentennial Exhibition

    Two IU professors recently unveiled an online exhibition detailing Charles Darwin's life as a young naturalist.

  • Interim vice provost

    Dennis Groth, associate professor in the School of Informatics and Computing, was named interim vice provost for undergraduate education.

  • BEST contest winners

    Two IU student teams are sharing a $200,000 start-up investment as BEST contest winners.

  • Computerworld Laureate

    IU has been recognized as a 2013 Computerworld Honors Laureate.

  • Video contest winners

    Teen video contest winners learned from PSAs about prescription drug abuse.

  • Recognize these guys?

    An IU study found that many gamers recognize college athletes in video games -- and erroneously think the athletes endorse the games.

  • Big Red II

    IU will dedicate the new supercomputer April 26.

  • High-tech timing

    This year's Little 500 races will employ a new timing system that makes it to follow the action on the track.

  • 'BOOC' assessment course

    Google funds 'BOOC' assessment course by IU School of Education researcher

  • Town Hall meeting

    RSVP for an open meeting about IU Online at the IMU on April 5.

  • Spring into savings

    IU faculty and staff members can save on the purchase of new computers.

  • IQ-Wall

    A 24 x 18 foot computer screen at the CIB is accessible to IU faculty, staff and students.

  • Extreme scale computing

    IU was awarded $1.1 million to advance extreme scale computing.

  • Adobe Days

    Adobe Days at IU will showcase teaching and learning technologies.

  • Cybersecurity order

    IU cybersecurity experts comment on a new executive order from President Obama.

  • Digital literary lecture

    Matthew Jockers will speak about his work with computer algorithms to analyze data sets of literary and historical texts in his lecture at the IMU Feb. 8.