Editor's Picks


  • Helping hand

    In the past five years, the Serve IT clinic has helped many local nonprofits fulfill their information technology needs.

  • Going green

    The IU Art Museum's iconic "Light Totem" is now powered by solar energy.

  • Vehicle for sustainability

    IU Motor Pool has won a semester-long challenge asking campus units to use less paper.

  • Open communities

    IU's new affiliation with the Open Source Initiative will help support higher education.

  • Protect and serve

    IU is leading a $5 million collaborative grant to create the NSF Cybersecurity Center of Excellence.

  • Special project

    SPEA graduate students see success with the first pilot in the partnership between NSA Crane and IU, launched earlier this fall.

  • Research excellence

    A lengthy effort to shift the Johnson Center for Entrepreneurship in Biotechnology's mission is complete, as it now boasts a new name, a broader base of campus constituents and an updated website.

  • Renaissance man

    IU's Danko Antolovic' is an inventor, technologist and philosopher whose passions range from electronics and radiolocation to Descartes and carpentry.

  • Techie women

    CEWiT will celebrate its anniversary Oct. 28 with events featuring investor, entrepreneur, columnist and networking expert Kelly Hoey.

  • Get creative

    A new 3-D printing lab in the Wells Library is available for use by IU faculty, staff and students.

  • New frontiers

    GlobalNOC at IU continues its record growth with four new partnerships spanning four regions of the country.

  • Tech talk

    Learn how UITS prepares for the back-to-school technology rush on campus.

  • In-demand degrees

    IU's new engineering program, the first on the Bloomington campus, will begin with the 2016-17 academic year.

  • Girl powered

    Area Girl Scouts recently spent a week creating e-textiles such as a light-up skirt and temperature-sensitive pillow with informatics professor Katie Siek.

  • Maker movement

    Google has awarded $150,000 to two IU researchers to support a study of how early experiences can trigger and maintain an interest in STEM.

  • It's official

    The Media School has received final approval to offer two new degrees, a Bachelor of Science in game design and a Bachelor of Arts in media.

  • Paperless challenge

    The campus used 70 million pieces of copy paper in 2013, a figure UITS is working to change through a campuswide challenge this fall.

  • New possibilities

    The National Endowment for the Humanities has awarded $572,000 in grants to IU, including more than $450,000 at the Bloomington campus.

  • Academic merit

    Three students at IU Bloomington have been named 2015 Goldwater Scholars, an award for promising undergraduates studying math, science or engineering.

  • Connecting colleagues

    An online resource that links linguists all over the world has moved its operations to IU Bloomington.