Editor's Picks


  • Commerce and community

    According to an IU study, reviews help reduce racial discrimination within peer-to-peer businesses.

  • Modernizing plants

    Keepers of the IU Herbarium are taking on a massive project to digitize the collection of more than 150,000 different types of plant life.

  • Buzzing economy

    Recent alumni launched The Bee Corp. startup to study bees and reduce the potentially negative economic impact of colony collapse disorder.

  • New connections

    Research flowing between the U.S., Europe and Africa got a boost early this year when IU and its partners flipped the switch on a new transatlantic link.

  • DinnerCall

    Learn more about the app, designed by a Kelley faculty member, to help mitigate food waste.

  • Reducing risk

    Researchers at IU's Biocomplexity Institute are using a virtual model to discern how the liver processes different medications.

  • App Economy

    The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issued three patents to the IU School of Informatics and Computing professor for his app search discovery.

  • Safe at home

    The School of Informatics and Computing is working to ensure that household items connected to the internet remain secure.

  • Defying chemical law

    IU researchers have reported the first definitive evidence of a new molecular structure that appears to break centuries-old principles.

  • Scanning ahead

    Learn about data sharing -- a move toward 'open science' -- is transforming the field of neuroscience.

  • Pin this

    The co-founder and CEO of Pinterest answers questions about the social media site and entrepreneurship.

  • 'Atmospheric demand'

    Newly published research finds that low humidity can cause elevated stress levels in plants during hot weather.

  • Tool or weapon?

    Experts at IU are learning more about a longstanding archaeological mystery: the purpose of spherical stones unearthed in South Africa.

  • 'Project Innovation'

    The new real-time technology being used by Bloomington emergency responders could significantly reduce response times.

  • Keeping time

    IU Bloomington's signature red clocks will shine a bit brighter for the university's bicentennial celebration.

  • Speed of light

    Researchers across the state can now collaborate more efficiently thanks to an upgrade in an IU-managed network.

  • Diving in

    The HathiTrust Research Center, a cooperative service including IU, has expanded its services to support research in one of the world’s largest digital libraries.

  • Indiana's Private Cloud

    Read about the cloud technology IU has made available to schools and governmental entities across the state.

  • BEST and brightest

    Check out these IU student-led companies that have been awarded significant funding after a February competition.

  • Data sciences

    IU will offer one of the country’s first courses employing real-world clinical trial data.