Editor's Picks


  • Protein vs. pneumonia

    IU researchers have uncovered protein's job in protecting a pneumonia-causing pathogen from copper poisoning

  • Is dating dead?

    Kinsey Institute researcher Justin R. Garcia analyzes college hookup culture.

  • Helping in Haiti

    A Kelley doctoral candidate researched entrepreneurship in Haiti following the 2010 earthquake.

  • 'A wonderful finding'

    IU research suggests a molecular ‘switch’ may play a role in tumor suppression.

  • Plug-in cars

    An IU study finds that consumer intent to purchase electric vehicles is low and varies by city.

  • Big money

    The Mellon Innovating International Research, Teaching and Collaboration awards, totaling more than $300,000, have been given to 14 faculty members and seven graduate students on the IU Bloomington campus.