Editor's Picks


  • Strange, ancient bedfellows

    IU anthropologists helped solve the mystery of an association between 250 million-year-old mixed species.

  • Cut the meetings

    An IU study shows that less time in meetings makes for more committed leaders.

  • Power of the pedometer

    An IU study found that use of a pedometer helped people to move more and lose weight.

  • Hijacking proteins

    IU professor Stephen Bell has found that thermophiles and humans share ancient machinery used in cell division.

  • Ordinary Extraordinary

    IU biologists have released a junco documentary for birders and teachers.

  • Is this burning an eternal ...

    IU geologists study the mystery of "eternal flames" that illuminate areas of natural gas in underground rock layers.

  • Collaborative grants

    Seed funding of $1 has been awarded to 16 groups of IU faculty for collaborative research.

  • Breakup 2.0

    When describing breakups, the "how" often is more important than "why," according to a new IU study.

  • Guggenheim Fellows

    Five IU Bloomington professors were awarded 2013 Guggenheim Fellowships.

  • Diffusing stereotypes

    An IU study shows that feelings of power can protect against the effects of negative stereotypes.

  • Sustainable resources

    The IU Libraries are a rich source of information on sustainability.

  • Excellence in action

    IU Bloomington has named the 2012-2013 Outstanding Junior Faculty members.

  • Finding refuge at IU

    Syrian scholar Abdal-Razzaq Moaz is part of tradition of academics finding refuge at IU.

  • Video game therapy

    IU scientists are working to assist people who have had strokes through interactive video game systems.

  • What they are not

    Searching for a twist in neutron spin axis, IU physicists find nothing -- and that's something.

  • Source memory

    A new study by IU researchers -- using rats searching for chocolate -- opens doors to future research on memory impairment in humans.

  • Outstanding scholarship

    An IU Bloomington faculty member has been recognized for outstanding scholarship in the history of chemistry.

  • Research award

    A SPEA researcher is recognized for her study of students who volunteer.

  • Midwest climate change

    A new book edited by an IU faculty member examines the ways climate change is impacting weather in the Midwest.

  • Rare DNA case mapped

    Biologists map rare case of fitness-reducing interaction in nuclear, mitochondrial DNA