Editor's Picks


  • Reducing stigmas

    A new School of Public Health-Bloomington initiative will provide sexual health resources to underserved groups in India.

  • Glow of the firefly

    New research by associate professor Armin Moczek and a former IU graduate student explores the genes firefly's use to form their lanterns.

  • Discipline inequality

    Research led by IU faculty member Russell Skiba found evidence that students of color, students with disabilities and LGBT students are suspended at hugely disproportionate rates.

  • Climate change

    The tree canopy may be green, but chronic water stress has reduced tree growth.

  • Gender roles & masculinity

    An IU sports psychologist praises college football player Michael Sam for openly revealing himself as a gay man.

  • Cell shape diversity

    A new study, co-authored by two IU researchers, discovered how evolutionary cell changes can lead to the shape of species.

  • '16 and Pregnant'

    A recent study, co-authored by telecommunications professor Nicole Martins, found that viewers of MTV shows like "Teen Mom" view young moms as having an enviable quality of life.

  • Distinguished honor

    Five professors from the College of Arts and Sciences have been named distinguished professors.

  • Gender bias

    Barriers to women in science remain widespread worldwide, according to new work led by IU School of Informatics and Computing professors.

  • PISA results

    An IU expert discusses the mediocre scores posted by U.S. students on an international student assessment.

  • Attitudes toward bisexuality

    A new study finds that heterosexual men are more likely to categorize bisexuality as "not a legitimate sexual orientation."

  • Crying wolf

    IU research finds that a work crisis can inspire collaboration among groups -- or manipulation by group leaders.

  • Evaluation compliance

    A report outlines what educators should know about mandated performance-based evaluations.

  • Curious about Mars

    Samples from Mars aim at providing information on Mars' deep history and interactions between soil and atmosphere.

  • Subtle properties

    IU physicisits will receive millions of dollars to study subatomic particles.

  • U.S.-Japanese relations

    The new Journal of American History shares liberal Protestants' role in eased U.S.-Japanese relations in the 1900s.

  • Tulip tree history

    An IU paleobotanist's research shows that the tulip tree lineage extends back to the dinosaur age.

  • Teen drug survey

    Marijuana use has decreased among students grades in 6 to 12 in Indiana, finds a newly released study.

  • Network Science

    A new journal developed at IU examines friendship, politics and more.

  • Crowd-funded research

    A group of IU anthropologists will try funding their research through a donations website.