Editor's Picks


  • Cognitive evolution

    Five IU professors have received one of the largest grants ever awarded to study human origins.

  • Fully charged

    Researchers at SPEA developed a ranking that contrasts the variation in readiness for plug-in electric vehicles among different cities.

  • Grading Congress

    For the third year in a row, academic experts who were asked to evaluate Congress’ performance gave the institution a grade of C-minus.

  • 'Jurassic butterfly'

    IU paleobotanist David Dilcher has identified an insect that mimics a butterfly but predates it by about 40 million years.

  • By the numbers

    An IU study analyzing a seven-year period revealed overtime and increased options led to auto recalls.

  • Advertising and added value

    Read about how IU researchers helped discover the link between advertising and stock value.

  • Master storyteller

    Enter to win a book about Ernie Pyle's Indiana roots by retired IU professor Owen V. Johnson

  • Catalyzing research

    Three IU research groups have received a $1.2 million NSF grant to advance research on self-assembling molecules and computer-aided design software.

  • Business forecast

    Disappointment over a struggling national economy this year likely will continue into 2016, according to the IU Kelley School of Business.

  • Swifts in the City

    An IU-funded tower at WonderLab will provide a new home for a bird species whose habitat is threatened.

  • Setting the standard?

    Research by IU's David Kosinsky finds government agencies are less likely than private ones to comply with environmental regulations.

  • Science of success

    Doctoral student Jaeyhuk Park's IU study used Instagram to help predict the top models at Fashion Week.

  • 'Lost highway'

    IU computational neuroscientists contributed to effort to rediscover and map a brain structure missing for over a century.

  • You've got mail

    IU research suggests email messages can be more romantic than voicemail messages.

  • Head start

    This past summer, 17 Indiana high school students had the opportunity to conduct scientific research on IU Bloomington's campus through Project STEM.

  • Learning curve

    A new focus on learning analytics has a group of IU faculty researching how students learn in hopes to structure classes for optimal engagement.

  • Big impact

    IU enjoyed one of its best years ever for research grants, private philanthropy and economic development activities in fiscal year 2015.

  • Our lips are sealed

    A new study by IU researcher Justin Garcia compares the kissing habits of different cultures.

  • New study

    An NIH grant will fund IU's investigation into potential connections between fever and the relief of some symptoms of autism.

  • Feel-good felines

    If you get a warm, fuzzy feeling after watching cute cat videos online, a new IU study shows the effect may be more profound than you think.