Editor's Picks

Health & Wellness

  • 'Drawing and the Brain'

    Scientists, architects and artists will gather at an IU symposium next month to discuss the role of freehand drawing and the human imagination.

  • Health hazard

    Two IU researchers joined forces to study what happens in the brain when people are assessing risks such as smoking and how messaging affects those decisions.

  • Staying well

    Staff and faculty are encouraged to educate themselves about mumps after two cases were confirmed on campus.

  • Risk assessment

    IU experts discuss the mosquito-borne Zika virus, newly designated as a public health emergency.

  • 'Working memory' resources

    Learn about how a new study from IU helps save time in the advancement of Alzheimer's research.

  • Healthy holidays

    Check out tips from IU experts for having a healthy and safe season.

  • Building sustainability

    IU’s James Farmer is looking for ways to help farmers extend the growing season for Hoosier produce.

  • Open enrollment fair

    Get help with your IU health plan and learn how to make the most of other employee benefits Nov. 10 at the IMU.

  • Fertility findings

    IU research has found sexual activity triggers changes in the body that increase a woman’s chances of getting pregnant, even outside the window of ovulation.

  • Campus Health Fair

    The annual event will feature free chair massages, a flu shot clinic and more than 60 health and wellness vendors.

  • Vital role

    The School of Public Health-Bloomington will host the first National Symposium on Parks and Recreation in Public Health in February.

  • Coordinated effort

    A three-year AmeriCorps grant will help the School of Public Health-Bloomington reach out to area schools.

  • Proactive pilot

    An IU counselor will spend 20 hours a week at the Jacobs School of Music as part of a new CAPS program.

  • 'Best and brightest'

    Ebola researcher Shawn Gibbs is looking forward to continuing a focus on undergraduate education at the School of Public Health-Bloomington.

  • On the road again

    It's hot! Learn about summer driving safety tips and enter to win an IU roadside emergency kit.

  • A healthier you

    Faculty and staff can take part in an upcoming Diabetes Prevention Program aimed at helping employees reduce the risk for developing type 2 diabetes.

  • Regulation weaknesses

    IU research finds that potentially harmful growth-promoting hormones used in beef production are expected to persist in the environment at higher concentrations and for longer durations than previously thought.

  • Bring Change 2 Mind

    Actress Glenn Close's campaign against mental health stigma was the focus of her recent campus visit.

  • 'Exciting time'

    Indiana University, IU Health and IU Health Bloomington Hospital announced April 15 that they have reached an agreement to create a regional academic health campus in Bloomington.

  • Bringing up baby

    A new website helps new parents understand the resources available to them as an IU employee.