Editor's Picks

Health & Wellness

  • 'At their best'

    Meet the RPS dietitian who works with students who have food restrictions, allergies or other issues to ensure their nutritional needs are met.

  • Shaping campus culture

    A Ph.D. student in the School of Education is leading a free LGBTQ ally training program for faculty and staff.

  • 'Singles in America'

    IU researchers advised on Match's annual study, which uncovered some remarkable new trends.

  • Taking action

    Meet IU staff member Lynne Crohn, who changed her lifestyle, lost nearly 70 pounds and quit smoking.

  • Positive energy

    Healthy IU classes are designed to improve mental well-being and physical health in the midst of your workday.

  • Baby see, baby say

    A new IU study finds that infant language learning and development can be predicted based on their visual experience.

  • Staying on track

    The holiday season can be a difficult time to remain loyal to healthy dietary choices, but IU health experts have a few tips to help.

  • Wellness at Work

    The IU Health Center and IMU Wellness Center have gone beyond what the doctor ordered by expanding services for employees.

  • 'It's all in the wrist'

    Learn how health risks in coal communities will be researched using simple but advanced wearable technology.

  • 'Favorably impacted'

    The Indiana Prevention Resource Center has screened nearly 80,000 Hoosiers for indicators of addiction.

  • Celebrate good times

    The School of Public Health is inviting the community to kick back and toast to health and wellness.

  • Let's talk

    IU's Center for Sexual Health Promotion is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a special guest: Dr. Ruth.

  • Indiana Youth Survey

    The survey's recent findings show decreased use of e-cigarettes, but experts say the amount of use among young users is still troubling.

  • Seeing progress

    Researchers have created a virtual tissue model of diabetes in the eye which may lead to the prevention of blindness in diabetics.

  • Navigating Zika

    “This study focuses on understanding how gender negotiations may affect the spread of the virus,” Assistant professor Lucia Guerra-Reyes said.

  • Research in action

    An IU Bloomington researcher is working to help more women join the ranks of long-term ovarian cancer survivors.

  • Up in smoke

    The Food and Drug Administration announced that e-cigarettes will fall under the regulations imposed on tobacco cigarettes.

  • Tuning in

    Researchers are discovering what happens when caregivers lose focus during play time with children.

  • Walk this way

    Download a map of four, one-mile walking paths and experience the beauty of campus on foot.

  • Mindful change

    The IU men's lacrosse team will support mental health awareness through an upcoming game.