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IU Health Center expands services for employees

Nov. 2, 2016

Since 2014, the IU Health Center and IMU Wellness Center have gone beyond what the doctor ordered by expanding services for employees. With the addition of the IU Health Center’s Physical Therapy Clinic in the spring, 11 different health services will be available to employees and their families.

IU Health Center


The newest service is an Employee Wellness at Work Program.

“Each year, 2,500 to 3,000 employees and spouses take advantage of the Healthy IU employee screening program at the Health Center,” said Pete Grogg, executive director of the IU Health Center. “This has grown into a tremendous program. It's important to 'know your numbers,' but what's next? We want to answer that question by providing a program with guidance, information, goal setting and other options for these employees to help them either prevent or manage chronic conditions. The Health Center’s Wellness at Work program will work in partnership with the employee to help them achieve their goals and take advantage of the many IU and community programs and resources that will contribute toward a healthier person.”

In addition to wellness coaching and physical therapy resources, Health Center services for IU employees and their families are a pharmacy, acute eye care, health screenings, a travel clinic, radiology (X-ray only), massage therapy, aromatherapy, biofeedback and tobacco cessation programs.

“The Health Center believes it can play a greater role in the university’s employee health initiative,” Grogg said. “Our programs are designed to partner with the employee to help them achieve their goals through a combination of losing weight, eating healthier, increasing physical activity or to quit smoking. It’s a long-term proposition, meaning it won’t happen overnight, but we believe these programs will not only help our employees but may also help the campus address what it spends each year on health care.”

 From Grogg’s perspective, the Health Center offers the benefits of a personalized approach focusing on the whole person as well as privacy and convenience.

“Health issues are rarely one-dimensional, so our wellness services are designed to not only focus on the apparent problem but also the factors that influence that problem,” Grogg said. “Some employees may be concerned about sharing health information with the university. We are a health care provider bound by federal HIPAA regulations to not share information beyond our treatment relationship with the employee. Although we’ll work with Human Resources and the Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, these programs function independently from those services. Employees should feel confident that their privacy would remain intact while using our services."

More information is available on the IU Health Center’s website.

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