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Dickey triplets arrive at IU as freshmen

Sept. 4, 2014

It was hard for IU freshmen Cassandra, Jordan and Connor Dickey to really blend in at their hometown of Batesville, Ind.

Dickey triplets

Connor, Cassandra and Jordan Dickey have been displaying their IU pride since they were small children. | PHOTO COURTESY OF THE DICKEY FAMILY

That was partly due to the nature of small towns, but also because of their celebrity status as multiples. “Dickey?” people would say. “Oh, you’re one of the triplets.”

Now, the threesome have arrived on campus for their freshman year and, for perhaps for the first time in their lives, are enjoying a certain amount of anonymity.

“At home, people knew us as the triplets,” Cassandra said, and Jordan jumped in to finish, “But here, nobody knows you’re a triplet unless you tell them.”

IU represents the chance for the three to explore their interests in the classroom, on campus and on the sports field while also living apart for the first time. Cassandra calls Foster Quad home, while Connor is in Briscoe Quad and Jordan is across campus in Eigenmann.

They each explored other campuses before enrolling at IU, but were ultimately drawn here for different reasons -- Cassandra and Connor to the Kelley School of Business, where they plan to study business marketing and finance, respectively, and Jordan to the School of Informatics, where he’s interested in computer technology. 

But they’re not new to IU, and have years of family photos to prove it.

Dickey triplets

From left, Connor, Cassandra and Jordan Dickey recreate their childhood photo. | PHOTO COURTESY OF THE DICKEY FAMILY

“Our dad is a huge IU basketball fan, so every year for our Christmas card, our parents took a picture of us in IU gear,” Cassandra said. “We have thousands of IU photos.” 

They can recall sneaking downstairs to their basement after bedtime to watch the IU game when their parents had friends over, the room decorated with banners, posters and other cream and crimson paraphernalia. 

“We left the hospital wearing candy stripes,” Jordan said.

And though the first year of college is all about discovery and making new connections, the Dickey triplets will always know how to find one another -- they share an 8 a.m. mythology class on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. 

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